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Friday, 21 July 2017

A- Z of Gratitude

Abide in Christ and experience His joy with thanksgiving 

Believe in the power of the Cross for salvation and be thankful

Connect with people in community and be grateful for  every relationship 

Dwell in the love of Father with continuous thanksgiving 

Experience the personal presence of the Holy Spirit with thanks 

Find beauty in every person created in image of God with joyous gratitude 

Give without expecting anything in return - thankful that we can bless because we have  been blessed 

Hope in the future as promised by God with expectant gratitude

Invest in people for their growth and with your encouragement with thanks for the body of Christ 

Joy is in the fruits of salvation and thanksgiving in the nations

Kneel in humility and be constantly be awed at  the glory of God in His creation with shouts of thanksgiving 

Love God and love your neighbour out of a heart of gratitude 

Meet the needs of others with little surprises and a grateful heart

Never stop thanking God 

Obey Jesus, follow His Leading and be thankful as He constantly surprises us

Pray with a thankful heart

Question your doubt and before you doubt God and thank Him for the revelation of truth.

Receive undeserved gifts and rest in His presence and be thankful

Silent attentive gratitude  

Travel light and thank Jesus for carrying all my burdens

Value the power for forgiveness with deep gratitude for the Cross

Wait for the Lord with thankful expectation

X everything that hinders love and give thanks for His light

Yield every agenda to Him with gratitude 

Zealous gratitude in all situations and under all circumstances

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Reflecting again on:

Luke 18:18-30 and the failure of the rich young ruler.

1. He failed to be broken by the truth about himself, about his pride and about his idolatry.

2. He failed to be humbled by the power of God to meet him at his point of real need to be right with God.

3. He failed to be transformed by the generous and gracious love of Jesus. 

He was invited to make all his resources available to God's purpose among the poor and to simply follow Jesus

Jesus was on His way to the cross and the invitation was to follow him to the Cross. The Cross is the place of truth about our real brokenness, sin and need for mercy. It is the place of trust in the power of God for forgiveness and the gift of true righteousness. and it is the place of spiritual transformation through the generosity of God in pouring out his love in justice, mercy and grace.

Stay close to the Cross!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Our Passion

1. A fresh move of the Holy Spirit compelling us to radical action
2. A focus on God's priority to bring release to the crushed and the afflicted
3. An authentic faith that is demonstrated at home, work and place of worship
4. A foundation that is designed by God for fruitfulness in every area of life
5. A fight with the world, flesh and the devil to the end

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Authentic faith

1. It is centered in our relationship with Christ
2. It will be tested through the troubles of life
3. It can be evident in our daily choices.